standing desk health benefitsYou’ve probably seen all of the different reports that tell you how bad it is for you to be sitting down at work all of the time. One in home personal trainer Nashville is reporting this is a big problem that many of us across the country have to deal with on a daily basis, so it’s important to take a look at the research and see exactly how much of an impact that it can have on the common everyday person. It’s been shown to reduce people’s life spans, to cause all sorts of diseases, and more.

There is also proof that it can have long term effects, and that you really aren’t going to be able to catch up for all of the damage, even if you exercise all weekend long. Daily activity is something that is absolutely necessary in order to fight off the negative effects, and many people are actually suggesting that people start the practice of standing up while they’re working. Some research has suggested that you should start doing this as soon as possible, and that it actually has some great effects. It may be difficult to get into the groove of doing it, but it’s worth the time investment that you’re going to put into it.

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So, how are you supposed to fight off the effects of sitting down all day, every day? Here are a few suggestions that people bring up when they’re talking about it.

  • First, slowly start the whole standing up thing. Don’t try to do the whole eight hours ever, and don’t try to do it right from the beginning, either. Instead, start with an hour or two at first, then go up to four hours. That’s enough to balance out all of the potential problems that you can have.
  • Break it up as much as you can. You’ll start to get sore if you’re not careful, so you want to make sure that you’re breaking the time up as evenly as you can. Get a sit and stand style desk to work with to help you out.
  • Continue trying other activities to help improve your overall health and wellness. Quit smoking, start eating better, get better sleep, invest in an in home personal trainer, go to the doctor regularly, and do everything else that you need to do in order to make sure that your whole body is healthy and strong in the end.

female viagraThere have been a number of studies out to help men that have low sex drives, but there hasn’t been a lot of research, until now, about how we can help the female sex drive. In recent months, however, there’s a pill that has been in development since 2010 called flibanserin that the FDA is saying could actually be used in order to help women with their sex drives. It was actually rejected twice since it started development in 2010, but now the FDA feels comfortable with how it is going.

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There are some concerns that the pill is going to cause stress for women and that it’s going to put a lot more pressure on them. This is, mainly, because there’s a lot more to female sexuality than just the sex drive. There are a lot of emotions involved, and if they don’t feel those emotions strongly enough, they may feel forced into sexual relations with their sexual partners when they don’t really want to. That pressure can cause anxiety, depression, and it can cause rifts in those sorts of relationships if you let it go on for too long.

Others, including the company that manufactured the drug, say the opposite. That it will actually help to reduce the amount of stress and strain that women are feeling and that they’ll be better able to enjoy their relationships. Some women have incredibly low sex drives and, even though they have the emotional attachment and connection to their partner, they just don’t have the drive to show it in a sexual manner. This pill, according to the manufacturer, could help with that and help women to become a lot more responsive when they and their partner are seeking to be intimate with one another.

Overall, the ball is in the court of the FDA. They haven’t approved it yet, and it’s on the track to being approved later this summer with a couple of stipulations. In short, the company would have to find a way to make sure that the side effects weren’t as potent or frustrating for the women who would be using the pill. This may delay its approval for a bit. What do you think? Do you think this could be a helpful pill, or is it something that should be avoided? Share your thoughts and let us know how you feel about this unique potential pill.…