Owner and operator of the Dauphin Pharmacy Clinic Myles Haverluck, encounters a variety of people on a daily basis. Some come in just for a prescription, others have questions about their quality of life and physical well being that can only be answered by a professional. Along with a Bachelors in Science from the University of Manitoba, Myles is also a Certified Orthotic Fitter, a process that involves 1000 hours of orthotic fitting. As well as a Certified Asthma Educator and a Professional Compounding Specialist. Myles also likes to stay healthy and trying new methods in doing so, allows him to advise customers on a number of issues.   


One of the ways Myles like to stay healthy is by taking several vitamins on a daily basis, to procure the nutrients his body needs, but might not get. Vitamins are essential for your body to properly function, but sometimes a person may not receive the amount that is needed for them. Myles ingests a cocktail of vitamin supplements every day to better his immune system and improve his overall health, some of which include.


Vitamin B3- which aids digestion and maintains your nervous system.

Vitamin B12- helps to form red blood cells and maintain the metabolism.

Vitamin D- allows the body to better absorb and maintain calcium in the blood stream.

Calcium- for strong bones and muscle function.

Fish Oils- contain fatty acids that help to regulate the heart, ease inflammation and improve mental health.


While Myles promotes these vitamins and supplements, it doesn’t mean that maintaining a healthy does of diet and exercise can go right out the window. The usefulness of these pills peak when the body is already in a healthy state. That is why Myles only recommends taking them if someone plans on improving their over-all health as well.
Some health trends are important to know about and be educated on because if you start feeding into one of these lifestyle changes before properly learning about it, the shock to your system could harm your over-all health. Another reason why some people may need these supplements is due to the fact that a lot of the produce we eat, has been genetically modified. While these chemicals are used to mass farm our food, studies have shown that there are no harming effects to the human body, but when something is chemically engineered it could mean a loss of essential nutrients. While going gluten free is a popular trend amongst people wanting to lose weight, it is not necessary for most people. In fact, only people with celiac disease should be gluten free. The energy and proteins that you get from grains and wheat are hard to replace. Sugar is easily the food product that should be avoided the most. Many foods contain large amounts of sugar, which is highly addictive and have harmful effects on the human body if ingested too often. Myles advocates alternatives to sugary treats and will always provide clients with the help they need.