It is no secret that exercise helps us to stay fit and to be or to become healthier individuals. Many people avoid exercise altogether because of internal or physical illnesses. For example, a person that suffers with back pain is likely to avoid jogging or other strenuous forms of exercise. Thankfully, individuals that suffer from painful conditions or those that are out of shape can actually participate in less strenuous types of exercise. Yoga happens to be an exercise that many people find to be suitable when not in shape, or when health conditions prevent them from exercising in other ways.

The reason people with debilitating conditions find this low key form of work out to be perfect for them is that it focuses on stretching. When the muscles are stretched and held for periods of time it strengthens them and helps to condition the muscles. Most forms of exercise involve moves that stress and stretch muscles, and of course most of these work outs do it in an intense manner. The intensity of these exercises is exactly what makes them too difficult for some people to do. By doing stretch poses that are intended to be held for extended periods of time, the muscles become stronger.

As the muscles are stretched, they develop tiny tears in the fibers. When muscles repair these tears they become larger and stronger. Due to being low impact exercises stretch poses typically do not build and strengthen muscle quite as fast as the higher impact exercises will. Regardless of whether doing high or low impact exercise it is always wise to consult with a physician first. A physician will be able to help determine what types of exercise will be best for the patient. One thing most physicians will recommend is to consult with a nutritional specialist. It is vital to eat a well balanced diet that is focused on an active lifestyle.

Occasionally, some supplements may be recommended in addition to a balanced diet to ensure that the body has all it needs to prevent fatigue and perhaps even injuries. In addition to being a great low impact exercise, yoga is also renowned for its ability to provide emotional benefits as well. It is touted as a stress reliever and has helped millions of people that struggle with emotional issues such as depression to find relief. The best way to get started in this type of exercise is to find a local studio with a reputable instructor.…